Posted: March 27, 2017

The Camas Educational Foundation (CEF) was established with a vision of empowering students and teachers to innovate, extend and inspire.  They’ve worked toward this vision through a mission of funding extraordinary learning for every student student every day. 
Since 2001, they’ve funded nearly 500 grants that have created opportunities for students and staff to learn in new and exciting ways. Just consider the impact for a moment – 500 grants!!!  Recently CEF held their annual auction which raised over $87,000 for another cycle of grants.  The time and resources that go into putting together an event like the auction are extraordinary.  In the weeks leading up to the event, volunteers were at district office working on all of the logistics late into the night.  The event itself is a collective celebration of the community effort of supporting our students.  There is great HOPE and JOY in the generosity of time, expertise, and resources all committed to our students.  If you get a chance to thank a CEF volunteer or supporter, please do so.  Many of our staff, current or retired, are also CEF volunteers.  Their efforts make a difference for our district every day!
Here’s to a great week of HOPE & JOY leading up to Spring Break!