Dorothy Fox Elementary Kindness Team

Posted: March 13, 2017

Thanks to Dr. Sork for guest authoring our HOPE & JOY project this week.  Have a fantastic Monday!  Jeff

“Spread Kindness Like Confetti!” This is the motto of the Dorothy Fox Elementary Kindness Team.  This is a group of 3rd graders who took the initiative to make their school a better place by promoting kindness around the school.  Each month they pick and promote a Kindness Challenge and share it on the Fox Morning News Broadcast.   Examples include Smile Month, High-Five Month, and Write a Kind Note Month. At a recent school event, they planned a lemonade/popcorn stand where they raised over $650 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  CHS High School Student and Fox Alumni, Lauren Bjornsgard, heard about the group and interviewed them for a CHS student newspaper last fall.  She was so inspired by these students’ passion and enthusiasm that she offered to become their adviser.  She gives her own time to come to the school to meet with them and support their work.  This team has helped other students feel empowered to make a difference with Friendship Clubs that promote our new buddy bench and acts of Kindness popping up as grass-root student efforts around the school.  Special thanks to 3rd grade teacher Ms. Wick, school librarian Mrs. Logan, and their parents who help serve as adult guides in the groups’ leadership journey.

Here’s to our Camas kids with big hearts and the drive to make the school and the world a kinder place!

Here is a link to a video of their latest Fox News Broadcast with their Kindness song and chant: