Posted: February 6, 2018


This past week, we hosted another community forum as part of our focus on equity. The forums create great opportunities for honest dialogue between staff and families about our experiences, frustrations, and dreams.  These conversations help drive us toward a vision where each student truly feels they are seen and served in our district.  At this forum, staff shared their thoughts about equity and the impact it has had on their work. A consistent theme was how powerful self-reflection can be in thinking about the conditions we create in our system.

In order to truly see and serve, students and staff need to feel welcomed and valued. Students need to see themselves in our curriculum. We need to be willing to have sometimes challenging conversations with each other about the when, what, and how of seeing and serving each student. The path forward is not easy, and we certainly don’t have it all figured out, but we get to choose if we go backwards, stay still, or move forward. We are moving forward because each of our students is our why. As one mother stated at the forum, “That’s my heart beating right in front of you.”

Each day our parents send us their everything, their beating hearts, and we have the responsibility of loving them—with kindness & care, inspiration & expectation, and instruction & engagement. That’s the first step, the most important one, as we figure out the when, what and how we see and serve together.

Have a great week!


JOY and HOPE are intimately connected and are powerful gifts we can give our students, perhaps the most powerful! One of the very best parts of being involved in public education is the JOY and HOPE students give us each and every day! The past few years we’ve featured stories that highlight the HOPE and JOY in our district. Let me know if you have any story suggestions. Thanks for helping us share the HOPE & JOY each week!