Posted: February 4, 2017

I’m not sure why, but we often initially organize the world by what can’t be done instead of what can.  Maybe it’s a part of that survival instinct that helps keep us safe, which I appreciate, but I think often gets in the way of can. We are in the business of can, but we sometimes jump to “fixing” instead of “building.” With best intention, we sometimes look at deficits instead of assets.  Starting with can opens the world to so many more possibilities.

With the help of Nurse Joan Haugaard and Papermaker Preschool teacher Christen Ham, I recently met two amazing young men who are all about can.  Kwinten is a contagiously full-of-energy 5-year-old who was anxiously waiting to meet a new friend. I listened as he told me all about Captain America while his new friend, Wyatt, a thoughtful CHS sophomore, made his way to the office from class.

The boys immediately bonded over the fact that they both go to Shriners, that both of their legs can stand on their own, and that they are expert hoppers.  I followed them to the gym while Kwinten peppered Wyatt with questions. Wyatt patiently answered each question and quickly transformed from new friend to new hero, one that would rival Captain America any day.  Kwinten talked about Wyatt the rest of the day, thrilled to have a hero “just like him.” I asked them if I could take a picture.  Is there any doubt these young men are about can?

Here’s to finding HOPE & JOY this week and building from can.