Posted: February 15, 2017

It’s an interesting time to be in public education. With the transition at the federal level, there’s a great deal of uncertainty. At the state level, our legislature is wrestling with how to comply with a Supreme Court decision to fully fund education. Predicting what the future holds on either of those levels is challenging at best. 
What we do know is that a record two-thirds of our community voted yes. That tells us a couple of things.
  1. We owe a great deal to the Camas Citizens for Quality Schools–volunteers that spend countless hours advocating on our behalf. Thank them if you get the chance!
  2. We have helped create and sustain a community that believes in and is connected to our schools. This happens every day because of the way you approach what we do, assuming the best and focusing on students—all with a smile. Thank you!
 Our community has renewed a commitment to us for the next four years. There’s a lot of HOPE and JOY in that! Let’s continue to make them proud. Take the opportunity to thank them for believing in our students and us! 🙂