Posted: February 14, 2017

This week’s HOPE & JOY is about student leadership and fittingly comes to us via 8th grade Liberty student, Mark Harimoto (with some assistance from Mr. David Volke).  Thanks for sharing, Mark and David!  Here’s to a great week of letting each of our 7,000 students know they can be a leader!
On Thursday, February 9th, Liberty Middle School had the honor of hosting one of the AWSL’s (Association of Washington Student Leaders) Middle Level Regionals. Close to 250 students from the Clark County area came together for an engaging experience that was one we could all learn from. Before the event, all of the Liberty ASB took part in setting up and preparing for the conference, spending hours, days, and weeks getting ready to host our neighboring schools. As the representatives from the AWSL arrived, they were impressed by the students from Liberty and their willingness to assist in last minute preparations and the excited energy they showed as other schools began to arrive. During the conference, we had no real hiccups and all students came away with at least one idea to take back to their schools. Students came together, from various school groups, and learned skills of socialization, communication, engagement strategies, and critical thinking.  Students were eager to participate in games and found our skits humorous. In conversations with other students, I got to learn their names, where they were from, what they were interested in, and all in all, I made new friends.   This conference gave me pointers on how I could improve as a leader and it gave me ideas of what I, and all of my ASB group, can do to continue to make Liberty a place where all students feel welcome. I walked away from the conference rejuvenated with ideas. I hope to share these ideas in activities and actions for the remainder of the school year, and my last handful of months at Liberty Middle School.