Dorothy Fox secretary Shuana Ruse speaking with a student

Posted: December 5, 2016

Working in a school system is a privilege because we get to see the impact of our effort tangibly reflected in our students.  Even with that privilege, it’s certainly a challenge.  Meeting the needs of each of our 7,000 students requires a great deal of differentiation.  Our work is really about customer service and our secretaries are on the front lines.  I know each of you greatly appreciate our secretaries, but like a lot of our work, their efforts can sometimes go unnoticed.

Shauna Ruse is the secretary at Dorothy Fox.  She wanted to recognize the effort of her colleagues so she contacted schools and asked for a few comments of appreciation about each of them.  She created a certificate using those comments for each secretary and distributed them at their general meeting.  It was pretty cool to watch their faces as the words of appreciation were shared.  Kristi Thomas from Hayes Freedom High shared, “the time and effort she took to gather the thoughts of others about our group shows how deeply she believes and values us all and what we contribute to the CSD.”

It feels good to be recognized for the effort you put into making a difference for others.  Thanks for being a great teammate Shauna and taking the time to recognize that effort.  The only secretary who didn’t have a certificate made was Shauna.  I’m sure she isn’t crazy about me sharing this in the HOPE & JOY project, but she deserves the recognition too.  You all deserve the recognition!

Here’s a HOPE & JOY challenge this week… seek out a colleague you don’t get to talk to as often as others and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Have a great week!