Grass Valley Science Olympiad Students

Posted: December 5, 2017

JOY and HOPE are intimately connected and are powerful gifts we can give our students, perhaps the most powerful! One of the very best parts of being involved in public education is the JOY and HOPE students give us each and every day! The past few years we’ve featured stories that highlight the HOPE and JOY in our district. Let me know if you have any story suggestions. Thanks for helping us share the HOPE & JOY each week!

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Today’s HOPE/JOY comes courtesy of guest author, CTE director Derek Jaques. I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!


A former colleague once said to me, “Strong educational experiences are a mindset of giving between students, teachers and the community.” While there is so much giving throughout our system and community, nowhere are we more reliant than in our co-curricular opportunities for students. These opportunities support and enrich the incredible curricular experiences that students in our community enjoy on a daily basis. Whether it is in the classroom, on the field, in a shop, or on stage, our students receive so much hope and joy from these opportunities.

On November 18th, the Camas High School Science Olympiad team, hosted 135 fifth grade students representing every elementary school within our district. While the Grass Valley Zebras (pictured) took home top team honors, all students big and small were inspired and engaged in a fun day of science exploration.

As with many of the amazing experiences our students are afforded, Elementary Science Olympiad could not happen without a dedicated group of coaches and volunteers. What is unique about this event is that the tournament is organized and operated by Camas High School students. Supported by advisor Matt Chase, CHS Science Olympiad students served as setup teams, judges, emcees, created exams, and cleaned up after the event. With no job too big or small, these students, along with their advisor and ESO coaches demonstrated the spirit of giving that is indicative of our community.