Coach Eagle lying down with the championship trophy

Posted: December 28, 2016

We go about life doing the best we can. I like to think that no one sets out to have a bad day or make life miserable for others.  We try and we succeed so many times in a day you really can’t keep track of it. We fail a lot in the day too.  Those failures give us so many opportunities to exercise that growth mindset we preach to our students.  🙂

For the most part, our success and failure aren’t on a public stage. Often we’re the only ones who really notice. We quietly celebrate the victories and make adjustments to address the setbacks.  Sometimes success or failure is center stage; failure can be painful on that stage, and success can be oh so sweet. Rarely does the audience swell to around 8,000 spectators and television viewers, but that was the stage for Camas High and our community in the Tacoma Dome last week. Coach Eagle would be the first to defer any kind of recognition, as you all know, but when I saw this photo on twitter, I couldn’t help but share it – talk about JOY!

Obviously it’s not about the trophy, but what the trophy represents—putting your heart and soul, your every ounce into something and having it work as you imagined is a pretty cool thing.

Putting our heart and soul into our work and our passion of serving students is trophy worthy. And whether it’s celebrating our women’s soccer state championship on the big stage, or quietly watching with pride when a student makes that connection you’ve been waiting for, you deserve to roll around on your bed a bit with a trophy. Take pride in the fact that what you do matters to students and matters to our community.  Thanks for making a difference!