Posted: April 10, 2017

I hope everyone was able to enjoy at least a little bit of sunshine and a lot of time with family and friends over spring break. We welcome back our 7,000 students this morning for the home stretch of the school year – three important months to wrap up a year of learning.

For our seniors, these are the last three months we get with them. Each of these seniors has a story to tell about their educational journey. There are moments of triumph and challenge, moments that helped shape who they are and who they can become. Each of these individual stories help tell our collective story.

Last year, we interviewed about 40 seniors and asked them about their experiences in our district. Some of the highlights included:
· Students know and appreciate when you care about them and take the time to get to know them.
· Students love learning about life.
· Students appreciate teachers’ passion for teaching.
· Students appreciate when teachers differentiate learning to support and challenge them.

This year we plan to interview each senior in our district to listen and learn from them. There will be great JOY that comes from their stories and important lessons about how best to serve. I look forward to sharing our learning from our senior stories with you.

Every day we’re given opportunities to influence the journey of our students. Our words and the experiences we create are powerful levers for learning. Let’s make these last three months memorable for each student!