Superintendent Jeff Snell

Jeff Snell

June 2016

As we close out the 2015-2016 school year and look toward the future, I’d like you to know I’m sincerely honored to be your next superintendent. I have spent 21 years doing what I love—teaching, leading, and advocating for children. My hope is to continue the priorities that have been reflected in Superintendent Mike Nerland’s leadership over the past 20 years—promoting community connections, focusing on learning and relationships, and empowering teachers and administrators to impact student learning.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing seniors from both Camas and Hayes Freedom high schools who will be graduating this month. Listening to these students as they reflect on their journey through our K-12 system is an amazing experience. Their words confirmed three things: we can learn a great deal from students, staff indeed make a huge difference in student lives, and our future is in good hands!

The students were articulate, humble, excited, and optimistic. They shared moments from their school careers that stood out to them. There were some clear themes that surfaced from their stories. Students appreciate learning that is connected to their lives and the world beyond school. Students recognize when teachers personalize their learning, and it makes a huge difference in how they grow. Students are honored when teachers really take the time to get to know them. As I write this column, it’s Staff Appreciation Week, and I want to thank our Camas teachers and support staff for their time, energy, and caring spirit. There is no doubt that their work is being reflected through these students—now and forever.

My first year as your superintendent will be an exciting time for Camas as we begin numerous facilities projects. Our community’s support of the 2016 bond is making these improvements possible.

I look forward to serving as your superintendent. I hope you have a great summer and take advantage of the many
summer learning opportunities available here in Camas!


Jeff Snell

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