Student Health Notices and Forms

The following notices are published with the intent of helping ensure the health and well being of all our students. Please take a moment to review each document.

Chickenpox Flyer (PDF)

Guidelines for Keeping Ill Students Home (PDF)

Guidelines for Students with Head Lice (PDF)

Guidelines for Students with Life-Threatening Allergies (PDF)

Human Papillomavirus Notice to Parents (PDF)

Meningococcal Information to Parents (PDF)

Pertussis Flyer (PDF)

Required immunizations for preschool-age children. (PDF)

Required immunizations for school-age children. (PDF)

Tips for Keeping Your Child Flu Free (PDF)

Health Forms

Authorization for Medication at School (PDF)

Certificate of Immunization Status (PDF)

Certificate of Exemption (PDF)

Severe Allergic Reaction ECP (PDF)

Student Health Inventory (PDF)

Medication Training

Medication Administration Training (Word)

Medication Administration Quiz (Word)

District Events