Section 504

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 continues to be a topic of interest for parents and school personnel. Recently a team researched this topic and conducted an evaluation of the district’s 504 procedures. It was determined that a handbook with common procedures should be developed and made available to staff and parents through the district web site. This website, currently a work in progress, includes a parent and educator guide to free appropriate public education under Section 504. It highlights the major differences between Section 504 and the IDEA, provides sample policies and procedures including forms, a detailed FAQ section and sample accommodations.

If you have Section 504 questions or suggestions for this site, please contact the District 504 Coordinator.

Dana Lighty
District 504 Coordinator
Camas School District

841 NE 22nd Avenue
Camas, Washington 98607

T: (360) 833-5570
F: (360) 833-5571

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