House Bill 1345

In April 2016, the Washington State Legislature passed House Bill 1345, adopting a definition and standards for professional learning. The bill notes that “effective professional learning enables educators to acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, practices, and dispositions needed to help students learn and achieve at higher levels.” more

In Camas School District, we believe we are all learners with the potential to grow.  Through distributive leadership we create an environment that values teacher experience and fosters relationships built on trust and respect as we engage in effective professional learning.

Professional learning involves intentional reflection of professional practice, exploring research-based practice, and real world learning through collaborative inquiry to help drive application of new knowledge, practices and skills.

As a result of professional learning in Camas we will see positive impact on:

  • Each student’s experience and growth
  • Each teacher’s personal joy, engagement and growth
  • Our classroom, building, and district community and culture