School Boundaries

The last revisions to elementary and middle school boundaries were implemented in the fall of 2013. All six Camas elementary schools house kindergarten-fifth grades while both middle schools encompass sixth-eighth grades.

Click here for a map of the elementary boundariesThe map is quite large and will appear scaled back. Use Adobe Acrobat’s zoom tool to enlarge or zoom into a specific area. Elementary students will matriculate to middle school as follows:

  • Helen Baller, Lacamas Heights, and Woodburn to Liberty Middle School; and
  • Dorothy Fox, Grass Valley, and Prune Hill to Skyridge Middle School.

Questions Related to Boundary Exceptions

How is boundary exception approval/denial determined?
Requests for boundary exceptions into a school are considered on a space€available basis within the grade level and/or class. If no space is available, students will be placed on a waiting list in the order of the date the request was received.

How is space availability determined?
Camas school district will deny boundary exception applications when the average class size per grade at any school reaches 2 students below the contract limit. Contract limits are as follows:
Grades K-5 24:1
Grades 6 30:1
Grades 7-12 31:1

Space availability for special services is determined by the capacity of the program. The Special Services Department, 360-833-5570, can provide more information.

Are other factors taken into consideration for approval of a boundary exception?
While boundary exceptions are often requested for a variety of reasons including financial, educational, safety or health conditions affecting the student, proximity of school to childcare or parent workplace, or special hardship, the district endeavors to accommodate all boundary requests.

Who transports students on boundary exceptions?
Parents of students with boundary exceptions are responsible for transporting students to and from school on time each day. Please note that students who are excessively tardy, absent, may have their boundary application denied or rescinded (revoked) in accordance with district Policy 3141.

Is the boundary exception guaranteed forever?
No. Requests for boundary exceptions must be approved each school year. A boundary exception approved one school year does not guarantee approval the following year.

For a full description of how boundary exceptions are processed, please read the Boundary Exceptions and FAQ document.

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