Program Overviews

The Camas School District offers an academic program with a proven record of achievement and innovation. Camas was one of the first districts in the state to implement rigorous graduation requirements including a series of demonstration tasks administered at various stages in each student’s education.

Specific tasks in the core subject areas have been developed at all grade levels and are demonstrated by students to assure they can apply skills and information to life situations. Student portfolios, special culminating projects, and presentations before community members prepare students for state-required tests and specific requirements.

Additionally, Camas has a long history as a district with a progressive curriculum—a blend of common-sense skills instruction and creative strategies that promote higher-level thinking and reasoning. Camas students typically perform at or among the top when compared with students from regional districts and across the state.
Unique attributes of the Camas Academic Program include:

Highly Capable Cluster Program 3-5

Students who have been identified as highly capable are grouped together in regular grade level classrooms where the teacher has received specialized training to differentiate curriculum.

Targeted Assistance in Math and Reading

Students with needs in the essential skill areas of math and reading are diagnosed at an early age so that programs and assistance can be tailored to their individual profiles. Elementary schools employ both math and reading specialists who have been selected to help both students and teachers with coaching in these areas.

Technology Enrichment

Camas has been fortunate to pass three specialized technology levies over the past 12 years in order to augment technology resources in all buildings. Student access to technology is unparalleled with labs in every building as well as cutting-edge presentation, production and digital resources for teachers and students.

Accelerated, Honors and AP Curriculum

Beginning in the seventh grade, students can access accelerated courses in math as well as Pre-AP and AP curriculum in many discipline areas. Camas High School students have performed very well on AP exams.

Services for Students with Special Needs

Children with special needs are fortunate to have access to caring staff and unique programs—many that have been developed with the assistance of experts in new service delivery models. Recently Camas was the recipient of a large grant to fund assistive technology equipment. Students and teachers in grades K-12 have been the beneficiaries of equipment or software that makes instruction more accessible and effective for students’ special needs.

Fine and Performing Arts at the Secondary Level

The Fine and Performing Arts programs in grades 6-12 continue to expand and improve. The quality of student performance in drama and music is a source of community pride with a record and growing number of participants at all levels.

Job Acquisition Skills Emphasis

Beginning at the middle-school level, each year students engage in specially designed curriculum units that will enhance their abilities in future job markets. In addition to analyzing career interests and developing a career-path related plan for high school and beyond, students walk through all aspects of resume building and the job application process. This culminates in the junior and senior years with mock interviews using local employers who partner with the district.

District Events