Preschools & Extended Day

Camas Community Preschool

The Camas Community Preschool focuses on kindergarten readiness.  Students will learn classroom, social and academic skills to prepare them for a successful kindergarten year.  Opportunities with art, science, nature, music, movement, cooking, language, numbers and literacy provide exciting learning experiences.

The 4/5 year Pre-K and 3 year preschool programs will:  develop your child’s confidence, self-esteem and independence; foster social skills through interactions with peers; help your child develop a love of learning and discovery; stimulate and challenge your child through material and activities suitable for their age and development level; familiarize your child to a school schedule and routine.

There are three morning sessions that have staggered start times, first one being 8:45 AM.  The three afternoon sessions also have staggered start times, first one being 12:45 PM.

Please call 833-5544 for any questions you may have regarding the program.

Papermaker Preschool

Camas High School’s Papermaker Preschool is a cooperative learning environment where a certificated teacher, two teacher assistants, and multiple high school students work together with preschoolers with and without special needs each day. This team approach provides a unique opportunity for preschoolers to have one-on-one mentoring from high school students who are interested in early childhood education.

The Papermaker Preschool is open to children who are four years of age by August 31. The morning session runs 8:40-11:10 a.m. and the afternoon session runs 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. Tuition is $300 per month pro-rated September through May. If you have any questions regarding the program, please call the Career & Technical Education Office at 833-5750 for more information.

Woodburn Preschool

Woodburn Preschool is program that serves three-to-five year old children with and without special needs. Two certificated teachers work with a highly qualified team of early childhood professionals to provide an exceptional program. Woodburn Preschool is designed to meet children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical developmental needs.

The Woodburn Preschool is open to children who are 3 years of age by August 31. The morning session runs 8:30-11:00 a.m. and the afternoon session runs 12:40-3:10 p.m. If you would like to schedule a visit, please call 360-833-5860 to make arrangements.

Registration for all schools within the Camas School District is centralized at the Zellerbach Administration Center. If you would like to register your child, please call 833-5410 or stop by the ZAC, located at 841 NE 22nd Avenue, to pick up the required paperwork.



Extended Day Program

Children need a nurturing environment, which reflects warmth and security. The Extended Day Program provides a family-like atmosphere, which emphasizes positive interaction, self-control, decision making and self-responsibility. Developmentally appropriate activities encourage creativity and permit children the freedom to explore and learn through play.

Development of the Extended Day Program is based on understanding of the needs of children who are at various developmental levels and stages. Our program offers a safe, accessible environment provided by a warm, caring and responsible early childhood education staff. Parents’ values and cultural diversities are respected and included in program activities, as appropriate. For program and registration information, contact the Extended Day Program at 833-5540. Enrollment opens each year on May 1. Visit the program page for more information.

Program Curriculum

We provide developmentally appropriate curriculum for school-age children based on state and national guidelines for school-age education and childcare programs. The guidelines include the following:

  • A developmentally appropriate curriculum for all areas of a child’s development; physical, emotional, social and cognitive through an integrated approach.
  • Appropriate curriculum planning based on teachers’ observations and recordings of each child’s special interests and developmental progress.
  • Curriculum planning emphasizing learning as an interactive process. Teachers prepare the environment for children to learn through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children and material.
  • Learning activities and material are concrete, real and relevant to the lives of young children.
  • Programs provide for a wider range of developmental interest and abilities than the chronological age range of the group would suggest. Adults are prepared to meet the needs of children who exhibit unusual interests and skills outside the normal developmental range.
  • Teachers provide a variety of activities and material; they increase the difficulty, complexity and challenge of an activity as children develop understanding and skills.

In addition, our before- and after-school program focuses on social learning. The atmosphere is structured but relaxed. It allows for small group, large group, and individual social interaction through outdoor or gym play, table games and activities, crafts, free choice and homework help. Children learn leadership, teamwork, responsibility, cooperation and friendship skills by planning and directing group games and activities for and among themselves.

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