Job Interview Tips

Help students get ready for the road ahead—wherever it's leading.

Posted: December 14, 2016

Every one of the 500 juniors at CHS gets a chance to practice their job interview skills—from firm handshake to resume review—and we’re looking for 26 more business professionals to help. Interview dates are March 15 and 16, with coffee and pastries served at 7:00 a.m., and interviews taking place from 7:45-10:00. Participants should plan on arriving by 7:10 for a seamless start.

As a mock interviewer, you’ll perform a handful of 15-minute interviews, using questions that are provided, along with a few of your own. Students will have prepared in advance, and will arrive to you with a faux application for employment and their polished resume. Each interview includes time for feedback, so you can share your constructive thoughts and helpful tips. Upon completion, you’ll write up a brief review of the student’s session and submit it to the program coordinator.

If you have experience in HR or job interview prep, please contact CHS Career Specialist Amira Onuoha at 360-833-5750 ext. 74941 or Your involvement in this valuable student opportunity is greatly appreciated.