Posted: May 27, 2017

Camas High School is changing its leadership for the next school year, as several members of the higher administrative team leave for new district positions or retire. Camas School District officially announced Dr. Liza Sejkora will be leading the helm in place of Steve Marshall, outgoing CHS principal.

Excited to lead CHS, Dr. Sejkora comes to Camas from Scottsdale Unified School District in Arizona. She is ready to help to grow the school, increase community involvement, and work with and for students to continue the great standard of education already present.

Dr. Sejkora is a career educator, spending 14 years in a classroom, and an, “educational leader passionate about providing students with educational opportunities,” according to a Camas School District press release.

Jeff Snell commented on Dr. Sejkora, saying, “What stands out to me is what we learned when we visited Liza’s current high school. The way staff and students talked about her leadership, how she elevates those around her, how she supports people while holding them accountable…”

Valuing the connections between staff, students, and the community, Dr. Sejkora notes she sees herself as, “the lead learner of the school.” She loves spending time in classrooms and interacting with students and the staff, collaborating on curriculum, working to improve teaching methods, and empowering students to excel. “I will be learning the most out of everyone on campus next year,” she says.

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