a summer “externship”

Camas High School marketing teacher Suzie Downs (center) did a summer “externship” with Riverview Community Bank, learning more about social media marketing.

Posted: September 27, 2016

Internships among high school students have blossomed in recent years, allowing young people to learn new skills and explore potential careers.

But this summer, two Camas teachers took on that role by participating in “externships,” short-term professional development activities that connect the classroom to business and industry.

The externships were coordinated by Derek Jacques, Camas School District career and technical education director.

“We initially had eight interested teachers, but due to a late and limited designation of the money from the state, we were only able to place two of four funded positions,” he said. “We were told about the opportunity by the state at the end of May, with the restriction to spend the money before the end of the fiscal year. It was a tough ask for teachers who had summer plans, other jobs, and our business partners in a short timeline.”

Teachers were compensated through a regional pilot program grant with the Vancouver and Battle Ground school districts.

Camas High School marketing teacher Suzie Downs was placed with Riverview Bank. Matt Chase, robotics and engineering teacher, was placed with Metroboard, a company that makes electric skateboards.

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