Posted: March 1, 2017

Last week, the Liberty Lions participated in “Challenge Week.” In the past, Challenge Week has involved guest speakers and various student activities around an issue that many middle school students experience themselves or have some familiarity with. This year, Challenge Week focused on five positive character traits that give students and adults the strength to face adversity in their own lives and be hero to others: Compassion, Gratitude, Self-Control, Perseverance, and Commitment.

Five teachers each created a lesson plan to be delivered each day in the students’ advisory class. The week began by focusing on Compassion and the importance of seeing beyond oneself and treating others with kindness. On Tuesday, students learned about Gratitude and the importance of being mindful of and thankful for the positive people and opportunities in their lives. Wednesday emphasized Self-Control, particularly the value of practicing patience with others, with our circumstances, and with ourselves. On Thursday, students learned about Perseverance and how to strive meaningfully in their studies and their lives. The last day focused on Commitment and involved a culminating activity where students challenged themselves to follow through on a “doable” goal that they believed would positively impact the lives of others.