State Champion – Tuba-3

Posted: May 2, 2017

Congratulations to the three Camas High School Washington State Musicians! Following their outstanding performance at our regional Solo–Ensemble Contest in March, John Neumann–Tuba, Isaac Dizon–Tenor, and Janessa Wilson–Alto were selected to perform at the Washington State Contest at Central Washington University last Saturday, April 29. These three are among the top 22 high school musicians of their craft in the state of Washington. Each of them presented stellar performances and represented CHS and our Camas community in high regard!

Each soloist is allotted a 10 minute time frame, in which to perform up to eight minutes of music. Isaac and Janessa each performed two pieces by memory in two languages. John performed a single extended work on tuba. Three judges write comments and give ratings of Superior (I), Excellent (II), Good (III), Fair (IV), or Poor (V). The top three in each category are awarded medals as state winners.

JOHN NEUMANN is the 2016-2017 STATE CHAMPION ON TUBA! (First place!!)

The spectacular state event is sponsored by WIAA, WMEA, The Dairy Farmers of Washington and Les Schwab Tires.