Help Name Our New Schools

Posted: March 25, 2017

What’s in a name? Thanks to the generous support of our community, Camas School District plans to open two new facilities in the fall of 2018 as specified in our 2016 bond program. The time is upon us to name the New Project-Based Learning High School and the New Lacamas Heights Elementary, as well as the Project-Based Learning Middle School, which opened last year!

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> To submit a name for consideration, read the guidelines below, and then add your idea here:

Committees for both naming processes are starting this work guided by Board Policy 6970 and its accompanying Procedure which state:

New district buildings and facilities will be named after persons who have attained national or local prominence in the fields of education, arts, and sciences, politics, military achievements, and statesmanship, after past U.S. presidents or Washington National senators or representatives or after the geographic characteristics of the area in which the facility is located.

The committee will, whenever possible, follow these guidelines:

— Each name will be known to, and significant to, the people of the district;
— The names submitted will not conflict with the names of other schools in the district or surrounding districts; and
— The use of names of living persons will be avoided unless the circumstances warrant an exception.