Posted: May 25, 2017

The Downtown Camas Association was honored with a Community Leadership Award by the Washington Association of School Administrators at WASA’s annual award ceremony on May 19. The DCA works with students in the Camas School District for senior project mentoring and board review, mock interviews and running start student phone interviews, volunteer opportunities and applied learning at events, downtown public art projects, DECA program business collaboration, promotional support of bonds and levies, CEF auction support, and organizing family friendly events all year that bring students and families downtown to engage in their community.

“The DCA loves working with students!  They are our future entrepreneurs, business owners, shoppers, and community leaders!” said the DCA in its May 24 e-newsletter. “Having children of all ages enjoying time at downtown events and learning about community are two of our key goals. We are so very happy to work with students and are very grateful for this award. Thank you, WASA!”