Fox Green Team members prepare fabric for weaving.

Fox Green Team members prepare fabric for weaving.

Posted: January 16, 2018

Dorothy Fox Elementary’s Green Team is on a tear – literally! Students of teacher/advisor Wendy Wick are preparing for the school’s upcoming “Artist in Residence” weaving project by tearing up strips of fabric, used ribbon, other reclaimed fibers and even plastic bags!

The Green Team program, now in its second year, is rapidly expanding. Says Wick, “Last year’s Green Team was a bit more of a pilot program to see what it felt like… to see if it could grow legs and it did!” This school year, the team has 24 members representing grades 3-5, and lots of buzz from students who wanted to participate but had other Wednesday obligations.

The team meets two times a month after school to where they tackle tasks centered on three big ideas, Wick explains:

  1. Awareness – The awareness component ensures that kids understand the issues facing our planet, explained in developmentally appropriate ways. We might enjoy a story, a short video, or an inquiry discussion about natural resources, ocean plastics, climate change, endangered species, etc.
  2. Empowerment – The empowerment component helps kids understand that their voice is powerful, that they CAN affect change in their community and in their larger world. During this time, I share news or an inspirational story of what ONE person can do.
  3. Activism – The activism component shows children through ACTION that we can make positive changes that help us align with environmental sustainability.

To bring these tenets to life, the Green Team is:

  • Pursuing a Green Schools certification in the area of waste and recycling.
  • Taking a field trip to the West Vancouver Materials Recovery Transfer Station and Tidewater Barge Lines to watch the recycling/landfill process up close.
  • Learning even more about the recycling/landfill process through a follow-up presentation by Ellen Ives from Waste Connections.
  • Managing and promoting Dorothy Fox’s TREX plastic film recycling program.
  • Collecting dried-up markers to be sent back to Crayola for recycling.
  • Student leaders visiting classrooms to educate K-2 students about recycling guidelines etc.
  • Maintaining a bulletin board of Green Team members sharing their visions and dreams for a healthy planet.
  • Bringing in an apiary expert to teach students about the importance of honeybees and other pollinators.

PHEW – That’s a lot! Keep up the great work, Dorothy Fox Green Team.​