Posted: May 2, 2017

On Tuesday, April 25, 25 Camas DECA students met up with 19,000 other students from around the world at the International Career Development Conference in Anaheim, California.  What followed was history in the making.

As relayed by advisors Dave Johnson and Suzie Downs, these 25 students competed in the preliminary round, vying against 120 students in their category. From this round, Camas DECA advanced six students in four events to the finals. Here, students went up against the top 18–20 contenders in hopes of becoming a Top 10 contender. A tremendous four of Camas DECA’s events “made it to the stage” as Top 10 victors, and three Camas DECA events became Top 3 winners internationally!

Please join us in congratulating Mackenzie Spady, Hayden Hunsaker, Tanner Fogle, Haruki Takada, Erik Johnson, Kelly Johnson, Monica Chang, Jack Kelly, Jordan Slotto, Colton Lessard, Dareena Stepanyuk, Bella Swanson, Wes Colvin, Sophie Eagle, Ben Cooke, Will Schultz, and Nathan Loucks, along with these individuals:

·       Automotive Services Role Play, 1st Place – Elizabeth Schwarzkopf

·       Restaurant Food Service Management, 1st Place – Ashley Miles

·       Creative Marketing Project, 2nd Place – Kevin Chen, Cami Kirby, Kendra Horvath

·       Business Research Project, Top Ten – Skylar Becerra, Xiansheng Yan

·       Restaurant Food Service Management, Role play medalist – Josh McPhun


For more on Camas DECA’s historic accomplishments, visit Lacamas Magazine.