Principal Aaron Smith chats with seventh-graders

Principal Aaron Smith chats with seventh-graders working on a "kindness rocks," art project at the new Project Based Learning Middle School in Camas. (Danielle Frost/Post-Record)

Posted: October 27, 2016

Project Based Learning is a good fit for many families

Take a quick look around the newest middle school in Camas, and you’ll immediately spot some of the key differences that make it unique.

First of all, there are no bells. Secondly, the new Project Based Middle School is located in a building on the Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas campus.

Students are grouped in two large classroom areas with mobile furniture, separated by sixth and seventh grades, and teachers share work areas and a project room. On a recent Friday, students broke into small groups to do coding, while others gave presentations in a “Shark Tank,” format about how to be good digital citizens. Meanwhile, others worked on art projects that included painting rocks and constructing models of the school created using homemade Playdough.

It’s a different format than any in the Camas School District are accustomed to having, but that’s the point. Project based learning involves students gathering into teams and using critical thinking, collaboration and communication to solve problems, as opposed to sitting in a classroom, memorizing facts, and taking tests.

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