Mission & Beliefs

The mission of the Camas School District is to provide students with the ability to communicate effectively, use technology, reason, be self-confident, possess mental and physical health, and work effectively with others. In broader terms, our mission is to create a learning community where staff, students, and citizens are involved jointly in the advancement of knowledge and personal growth.

“Camas Schools… a Tradition of Caring and Quality”

What we believe about education

We believe that each student has worth and dignity as a human being and deserves to be treated with respect in every situation.

We believe that effective education results from a cooperative effort of community members, parents, students, and staff.

We believe it is the school’s responsibility to provide varied, wide-open channels for communication among parents, community members, students and staff.

We believe students will do what is expected of them and will work to improve if consistently confronted with high expectations by adults who demonstrate true caring.

We believe that modeling is a powerful educational tool. We teach academic and behavioral excellence by demonstrating high quality performance.

We believe school must be a joyful place. Everyone works hard at being the best that they can be. Students laugh and smile, secure in knowing what is expected of them. The climate is happy and satisfying to all concerned.

District Events