Zellerbach Administration Center
841 NE 22nd Ave.
Camas, WA 98607
Tel: 360-335-3000
Fax: 360-335-3001

Please note that this page does not contain live links to email. In an effort to control harvesting of staff addresses by SPAM webcrawlers, staff email names are separated from the district’s domain information. Patrons who wish to email staff should copy and paste the staff member’s “Email Name” and add it to “@camas.wednet.edu” to complete the address.

Angela Forsterer, Central Registrar
Email Name: angela.forsterer | 77220
Direct: 360-833-5410

Shanna Michelle, Central Registrar
Email Name: shanna.michelle | 78236
Direct: 360-833-5410

Becky Stauffer, Central Registrar
Email Name: becky.stauffer | 79024
Direct: 360-833-5410

Renee Wade, Front Desk Receptionist
Email Name: renee.wade | 0
Direct: 360-335-3000