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Budget and Funding

The Camas School District operates an annual budget of more than $50 million. Complete budget documents can be found at the OSPI website.

Approximately 74.5% of the district’s budget is spent on classroom instruction. About $9,158 is spent per student each year. The money comes from state, federal, and local sources. It is used to pay all salaries and benefits for teachers, administrators, and support personnel. It also pays for regular expenditures such as supplies, instructional materials, contractual services (such as utilities, repair, maintenance, grounds, data processing, insurance and printing), custodial services, food services, transportation, employee travel, and capital outlay including computers and furniture.

Approximately 17% of all revenues come from local levy support. The schools in Camas have enjoyed excellent bond and levy support from the community over the years. The student-to-teacher ratio in Camas is:

Grades K-5: 24 to 1

Grades 6-8: 30 to 1

Grades 9-12: 31 to 1

The district employs specialists in music, physical education, reading, speech and language, special education, and media to allow students to learn from professionals who are experienced in their fields. These specialists help ease the burden of classroom teachers so they can concentrate fully on academics.

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The Washington State Senate Ways and Means committee publishes an annual document that offers a clear and simple overview of K-12 finance.

Click here to view this document.

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