Nestled along the beautiful Columbia River with Mt. Hood towering in the distance, Camas is one of the fastest-growing communities in the state. Both new and longtime residents of this community enjoy the benefits of a financially and academically sound school district. The district has a state-of-the-art high school, two middle schools, and six elementary schools. Camas retains the charm of a small town but is just 25 minutes away from downtown Portland, Oregon – famous for shopping, restaurants, museums, and cultural events. Many large industries make their home in Camas, including the multi-million dollar WaferTech, Georgia Pacific Corporation, Underwriters Laboratory, and Sharp Microelectronics.

Strong educational programs, the district’s hallmark

The Camas School District is recognized as a leader in state school reform efforts and for its delivery of dynamic instruction in basic skills. A strong history of community support affords approximately 6,000 students outstanding academic, vocational, cultural, and athletic opportunities. A powerful partnership between businesses, parents, and staff provides challenging and enriching learning experiences for all Camas students.

Camas was one of the first districts in the state to implement rigorous graduation requirements, a series of demonstration tasks administered at various stages in students’ education. Specific tasks in the core subject areas have been developed at all grade levels and are demonstrated by students to assure they can apply skills and information to life situations. Student portfolios, special projects, and presentations before community members prepare students for state-required tests and specific requirements.

Additionally, Camas has a long history as a district with a progressive curriculum – a blend of common-sense skills instruction and creative strategies that promote higher-level thinking and reasoning. Teachers in the district participate in a wide range of training options, with many workshops and classes taught on site. The district’s instructional programs have received recognition and awards over the years, attesting to the hard work of a caring staff. Bold, new directions in technology help the district to remain on the cutting edge. Money earmarked especially for technology upgrades has paved the way to exciting learning opportunities in advanced systems throughout the district.

Together, Camas educators, parents, students, and community members have created a vision that promotes lifelong learning and educational innovation.

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